Darby Braeside Home

Currently under construction outside of Plain City, this green home is constructed with SIPS and rests on a Superior Wall Foundation. The home incorporates Marvin triple-pane windows, solar panels, and a geothermal heating/cooling system beneath its 100 year standing seam metal roof.

The ECO2 House

Greentech and F5 Design/Architecture just completed the construction of a small high-performance eco-house on Poplar Court at the very special Evans Farm (1) New Urbanism community in Lewis Center. It is a ranch style structure where everything needed for daily living will be on the main floor, all-electric (no fossil fuels), solar, and utilize highly efficient HVAC and appliances.

We think about this project as ECO2 because it is an efficient home AND an affordable home, that is, ECOlogically sound and ECOnomically sound. We think this is important to build all homes to this standard as we move into a challenging environmental near-future where we will all have to do much more to reduce global warming and energy consumption.

Interested? Call us to discuss the project.


Legacy House

Work at the Legacy House is just finishing up. Its owners wanted to create a home that would be practical in a changed environment, where reduced energy consumption and fossil fuel carbon emissions are of very great importance.

The Department of Energy certified Zero Energy Ready all-electric Legacy House at Evans Farm in Lewis Center, Ohio had a June 2019 AEP electric bill of $9.50, thanks to its 7.2kW solar panel array and a super-tight SIP envelope.

The foundation for the Legacy House with Superior Foundation Walls and an insulated sub-slab ready for the concrete pour.

Raising the Legacy House’s SIP walls.

New Albany House

We saved an existing small ranch home and greatly expanded it by adding a much larger structure on a Superior Wall basement, including an 1880’s timber frame.

Front view of the new SIPS section.

Great room fireplace.

Interior view looking down from the loft above the kitchen.

Interior view of the 1882 timber frame.

Walkout basement leading to the pool.

Spiral staircase in the home’s silo.

Delaware Farm House

An historic timber frame built in 1862 that was once a home on Havens Corner Road in Gahanna, Ohio was dissasembled and moved to southern Delaware County where it was incorporated into a new farmhouse styled house. It now is the sunroom, kitchen and great room of this home.

Top of the Hill House

Sitting atop one of Ohio’s “mountains” offers this home a commanding view.

It also presents us with a challenge. Taking advantage of the beautiful northern vista through a wall of glass requires special heating and cooling load considerations. A SIPS house with 8″ wall and 12″ roof panels, triple pane windows and a geothermal HVAC system helps us create a tight efficient Building Envelope.

It all starts with the installation of the pre-cast Superior Wall basement system shown in the video below. They come in 8, 9, 10, or 12′ wall heights.

SIPS walls and roof panels have been installed on the Superior Walls basement and 100 year metal roof is being installed.

This is one our best examples of a High Performance Home. Its recently completed blower door test yielded a score of .59 Air Changes per Hour @ 50 Pascals which places the house in the Passive House Institute US standard.

Working on Vincent’s beautiful design for a smaller home

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