ECO2 House: Completion

GreenTech Construction, F5 Design/Architecture, and New Urbanist Capital Partners have designed a compact High-Performance house for Poplar Place at Evans Farm ( We call it ECO2 because the structure is ECOlogically sound and ECOnomically sound. We are driven to build homes to higher standards as we enter an environmental era where we will all have to do much more to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Just pretty is not good enough anymore.

ECO2 is a ranch style house where everything needed for daily living is on the ground floor. The house is ALL-ELECTRIC (no fossil fuels when subscribed to renewable electric power sources), equipped with SOLAR PANELS to augment power from the grid, and utilizes highly efficient Mitsubishi HVAC and LG appliances.

There are many elements that characterize a High Performance Home:

  • Above-grade exterior walls that are highly-insulated with minimal air leaks to the outside. Build it Tight, Ventilate it Right.
  • A strong highly-insulated pre-cast concrete basement wall system.
  • Exceptional quality triple-pane windows and doors.
  • Surpassing stringent EPA air quality standards, and with VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) eliminated to the greatest extent possible. A more Comfortable and Healthy house.
  • High Performance with very low utility bills.
  • Smallest possible carbon footprint.

Building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) provides the strong and super tight above-grade exterior walls that we need. A SIP is a form of sandwich panel consisting of an insulating layer of rigid foam core sandwiched between two layers of structural board. SIPs combine the functions of components of conventional building, such as studs and joists, insulation, vapor barrier and air barrier. Typical new homes use 2×6 studs in exterior walls. Insulation fits only in between these studs. Each stud creates a thermal bridge which allows wasteful energy flow between the outside and inside wall surfaces. SIPs greatly reduce thermal bridging. We’ve been building SIP homes since 1987.

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